Our Story

Crescent House started over 7 years ago with a vision to make furniture shopping fun again. We wanted to create an atmosphere where you were relaxed and enjoyed shopping. CH is not just where you come to shop but where you come to hang out, listen to some good music, say hi and share a glass of wine or the finest bourbons from Kentucky.

With that in mind we knew there had to be a better way, a more honest way to sell furniture. Which is why we only offer unique, authentic, and high-quality pieces. If it looks like wood… its wood. If it looks like leather… its leather. If it looks like art someone painted it, created it, or crafted it. We believe furniture should be handmade, the way you should expect furniture to be made.

We travel to so many amazing places searching for the cool things you see when you are in CH. If you see something you love, we suggest you make it yours. More than likely it is a one of a kind piece and won’t be found elsewhere.

Being green is more than a tag line to us, it’s a way of life in our home and for CH. We partner with vendors that are as dedicated to sustainable earth friendly products. We are dedicated to protecting the environment by recycling, re-purposing, and up cycling. Here at CH we are also an active member of our community and giving back is important to us as a company and a family. We support several local charities and organizations such as:

Austin Smiles, Special Olympics, Backpack coalition and mentor at local schools.

We love our awesome town!